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Bucker Bestmann

June 26, 2008 5:56 pm

This Week In Military/Aviation History 23 – 29 June

1:16 pm

Hello Folks, Another seven we’ll not be gettin’ back. Hope your week went well. Geez, June’s about gone. Summer is officially here. School’s out for summer. Air Show season has begun. The Geneseo Air Show is only 17 days away. Well, Arrival Day, anyway. The week before “The Greatest Show on Turf” is the “Olde Aerodrome Days” Biplane Rally. This year we will be celebrating the 90th Anniversary of the First Regularly Scheduled Air Mail Service. On the 9th and 10th of July mail will be flown from the Geneseo Airport to Rochester, Niagara Falls and Buffalo. You stamp collectin’ Folks out there should check HAG’s Website for special covers which will be available. Along with the P-40 Gathering, these should be a couple of once-in-a-lifetime moments. Hope to see you there. Now, let’s get down to some serious history, shall we?
Take Care and Be Safe,
Tom K.;)

28 June 1911
An English aviator, Tom Sopwith, makes the first charter flight, when hired by the firm Wanamaker’s to deliver a pair of spectacles to Mr W.A. Burpee. Mr Burpee was a passenger on the liner Olympic, which had left New York harbor on a transatlantic voyage. Sopwith, flying his Howard Wright biplane overhauled the liner, then several miles out to sea, and dropped the carefully wrapped package onto the deck.

26 June 1912
The Japanese government forms a Kaigun Kokujutsu Kenkyu Kai (Naval Committee for Aeronautical Research).

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Spitfire Mark 18 Engine Run

June 24, 2008 5:54 pm

P-51B 4312451 “Peggy” AKA “Live Bait”

June 23, 2008 6:01 pm


Video and summary presented by Bomberguy

This aircraft was originally issued to 1st Lt. Gil Talbot who named it “Peggy”. When Talbot received a new P-51B, 4312451 was passed on to Gross. Gross was once asked by his fellow pilots to fly at an altitude to attract enemy planes. He responded by asking “What do you want, live bait?” Thus the name on the nose of this aircraft.

Captain Clayton Kelly Gross flew P-51B Mustang “Live Bait”, GQ-I (312451), when he was assigned to the 355th Fighter Squadron, 354th Fighter Group, 9th USAAF, based in Boxted, England. He completed two tours with the 354th FG, and flew 105 combat missions. He shot down six enemy fighters, including an ME-262 on April 14, 1945. He was awarded the Silver Star, two Distinguished Flying Crosses, and 16 Air Medals.

Friendly Foes Fighters 2008

June 22, 2008 5:53 pm

This Week In Military/Aviation History 16 – 22 June

June 18, 2008 4:26 pm

Hello Folks, another seven behind us. I forgot to tell you that the 14th, aside from being Flag Day, was our 39th wedding anniversary. Yep, 39. And my family was sure it wouldn’t last a year. They had a pool. Really! Oh well, that’s one I’m glad no one collected on. The Liberty Belle is in Buffalo and Rochester for its last two tour stops before flying “Over the Pond.” The story in the Buffalo paper kinda concerns me. It starts as follows:

Take a good look at Liberty Belle winging overhead Saturday on its latest visit to the Niagara Frontier. Ride along for the spectacular view if you can afford the $430.

Might be your last chance.

The restored B-17 Flying Fortress survived a 1979 tornado that flipped another airplane on top of it, destroying its midsection, but high fuel and insurance prices may ground it forever once the current 50-city  U. S. tour ends this weekend in Buffalo and Rochester.
Wouldn’t that be a shame? Other tours and even Air Shows are suffering from aircraft no longer traveling due to the price of fuel. People are tending to stay local with their own travels. I sure hope this doesn’t shoot down our Geneseo Airshow, but I’m concerned it will rear its ugly head. There’s only 24 days left until Arrival Day (July 11th) plenty of time to push the price of gas to climb to an even more unaffordable price. Especially for Folks traveling from other states. Well, guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens. In the meantime, ket’s get down to some serious history, shall we?
Take Care and Be Safe,
Tom K. ;)

20 June 1909
Zeppelin LZ3 is delivered to the German Army.

17 June 1910
The Vlaicu I parasol monoplane makes it’s first flight in Romania.

Zeppelin LZ7 ‘Deutschland’ begins passenger services in Germany.

18 June 1911
The Circuit of Europe air race starts in Paris.

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Warbird Headlines: 13 June 2008

June 13, 2008 8:40 pm

Father’s Day Fly-In Set For Columbia Airport
MyMotherLode.com, CA
Moments later it’ll be the Warbird flybys to be followed by the always popular stock car-airplace race. Other Saturday events will include the RC aircraft …

Snowbirds, Musical Ride at Borden Air Show
Alliston Herald, Canada
The sky will also be full of planes from the past, with Vintage Wings of Canada flying propeller aircraft from the Second World War, including a Spitfire. …

Restored B-17 bomber to be on display in South Dakota
Sioux Falls Argus Leader, SD
The Arizona Wing of the Commemorative Air Force will fly the bomber, the Flying Fortress, to Rapid City Regional Airport. The World War II vintage bomber is …

AVCARD and World Fuel Services Present Vintage Aircraft at CBAA 2008
AMTOnline.com, MD
… Museum Supermarine Spitfire and Hawker Hurricane and you have a unique gathering of special aircraft representing an important part of Canada’s aviation …

War bombers missing parts help wanted
The Northern Scot, UK
It also works closely with an aviation museum at Dumfries. Mr Evans is appealing for help from Moray people in finding missing parts. …

Tomcats In Titusville
Central Florida News 13|, FL
… Air Command Warbird Museum. Inside this hangar, you’ll discover the aircraft the kept America safe along with a treasure trove of aviation history. …

Olympic Air Show brings aviation enthusiasts to town
The Olympian, WA
“We’ve had over 100 members come here, and we’ve been in every aircraft that (Olympic Flight Museum President) Brian Reynolds and the air museum owns. …

Veteran’s Peacetime Mission to Vietnam Reunites Him With Former Foe
Air Force Magazine, VA
… the Phantom is a centerpiece for the new Aviation Heritage Park. Moving and restoring the plane was done with the cooperation of the National Museum of …

World’s largest, oldest aviation museum preserves history
Schriever Air Force Base, CO
The museum is the world’s largest and oldest aviation museum and has more than 17 acres of indoor exhibit space. It has 96 employees and 475 volunteers. …

How to… Make an Airfix diorama
Daily Mail, UK
Commandos scale the cliff face to the left, while overhead a rocket-firing P-51 Mustang provides air support as empty landing craft pull away from the shore …

Roush relishes racing and airplanes
A source of pride for years has been his P-51 Mustang, which Roush flies any chance he gets. Even hitting power lines and crashing an experimental aircraft, …

Gathering of Eagles
Maxwell Gunter Dispatch, AL
A P-51 Mustang pilot who flew 68 missions with the Tuskegee Airmen during WWII, Roscoe Brown said GOE is “clearly a teaching experience. …

Air Show to Take Off Saturday
Rexburg Standard Journal, ID
Bagley will fly a World War II era P-51 Mustang and an L-39 Albatross, which is a Czechoslovakian jet trainer that was used to train Communist Bloc pilots …

History invades Narrows Airport
Peninsula Gateway, WA
The aircraft including the iconic North American Aviation P-51 Mustang fighter plane, will be participating in the Collins Foundation’s Wings of Freedom …

Cape May County’s other history: World War II
Cape May County Herald, United States
You know, planes the B-17, the B-24, and the B-25 – which will be flying in for a little visit this August 27 and 28th. A recent distinguished Lecture …

Warbird Headlines: 11 June 2008

June 11, 2008 6:49 pm

Celebration of Fathers at the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum …
Helicopter Association International, VA
The Evergreen Aviation Museum will feature B-17 tours and presentations, a chance to see the inside of the Spruce Goose cargo deck and enjoy fun for the …

Aviator sky-high over rare plane
Albany Democrat Herald, OR
… where World War II bomber aircraft, including the North American B-25 Mitchell, the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and the Consolidated B-24 Liberator, …

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2008 ‘Keeps ‘Em Flying’ With Spectacular …
AMTOnline.com, MD
… II-era aircraft, including B-17 “Flying Fortress,” B-24 “Liberator,” B-25 “Mitchell,” P-51 “Mustang,” P-38 “Lightning,” F4U “Corsair,” and many others. …

NASCAR owner Jack Roush to perform flyover for Craftsman Truck …
Autochannel (press release)
Roush, who is an avid pilot, will perform the flyover in his P-51 plane for the Cool City Customs 200. He will be accompanied by some of his friends …

Air Show in Rexburg Promises World Class Stunts
Planes from World War II and other military aircraft, including P-51 Mustangs, and a P-63 King Cobra, one of only three in the world that flies, …

Legacy Flight Museum Air Show Preview
LocalNews8.com, ID
From the legendary “Ole Yeller” P-51 Mustang to acrobatic planes, Chief Pilot John Bagley promises a great show, especially with the addition of a famous …

Texas Aviation Hall Of Fame To Honor Tuskegee Airmen
Aero-News Network, FL
… Texas Aviation Hall of Fame and the Lone Star Flight Museum, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) educational museum located at Scholes Field in Galveston, TX. …

Museums getting new life
Kansas.com, KS
The Kansas Aviation Museum has found a new director — Lon Smith, formerly sales and marketing director of the Museum of World Treasures. …

Air museum asks city for more money
Sioux City Journal, IA
… will place an item on next week’s council agenda calling for the city to give more money for the proposed Warner Museum of Aviation and Transportation. …

Will you marry me – at the airport?
USA Today
The airport is home to the Warhawk Air Museum, which has a reception-worthy hangar full of vintage airplanes, and the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), …

Hangar Tales

5:51 pm

These stories happened to me or my close friends. I have been active in Warbirds since I was 13. While other kids were playing video games and such, I was working on a B-17 and Me-109 ( HA-1112).
My best friend was Carl Schmieder, he was a board member of Warbird of America, T-6 Lead at Oshkosh, a ICAS ACE, and help start the FAST program. He also helped me to get my A&P, and private pilots certs. I was flying formation before I had my pilots license. Carl dies in the crash of his T-6 in Jan 99.

– Matt Gunsch

Matt Flew the Flight

On the 4th of July, the city of Phoenix puts on a huge event on the grounds of the state capitol, complete with big name entertainers, vendors selling food, and of course fireworks and every 4th of July, Carl and the Cactus Squadron did a over flight as part of the show. I normally flew with Carl, but one year as we were briefing the flight, Chuck Bivenour, who flew the # 4 position, said he did not have a backseater and who wanted to go on the flight. One of the ground crew said they would go. I got thinking about it and asked to trade with Chuck’s passenger as I had not flown in the slot position that much and wanted the experience. A trade was agreed to and at the briefed time, 4 600 horse Pratt & Whitney’s roared into life. The flight consisted of Carl Schmieder in the lead, # 2 was Bob Mitchell #3 was Rick Hosking and # 4 was Chuck and myself. After take off we formed up and headed to the hold point over the fuel farm, about 5 miles from the capitol. Carl put the flight into a diamond formation and started to circle. After 2 circles Chuck asked if I wanted to fly, of course I said yes, but I need to get my sight picture first.

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This Week In Military/Aviation History 9 – 15 June

8:34 am

Hello Folks, Geez, talk about a case of CRS (Can’t remember Stuff). Would you believe I forgot to publish last week’s post until I went to work on this one? What a yutz! Sorry. Well Folks, New York finally made me do something that all kinds of other stuff failed to make me. And that is quit smoking! Yep, I’ve got three pre-tax cigarettes left, and when they’re gone…that’s it. I guess I’m really ready now because I, no matter how hard I try, cannot justify the expense. I guess that was the idea in the first place. Can’t go to the reservation. Can’t justify the gas expense. I now have to pay sales tax on what I buy on the Internet. I have more important things to buy anyway. Overpriced food, medications and power bills. I’m on a budget for the power, but I know I’m gonna get crushed on the last payment. It happened last year. I’m told by stuff I get in the mail that my Social Security is in danger of going away because of a multitude of reasons, none of them good. It’s no wonder I can’t sleep at night. I hope your situation is a lot better. Have a great week, and let’s get down to some serious history, shall we?
Take Care and Be Safe,
Tom K. ;)

10 June 1908
The Aeronautical Society of New York, the first flying club, opens with facilities at Morris Park Racetrack.

12 June 1909
The Blériot Type XII becomes the first aeroplane to carry two passengers (Santos-Dumont and Fournier) at Issy-les-Moulineaux in France.

9 June 1910
The first aircraft reconnaissance is made by Captain Marconnet and Lieutenant Fequant of the French Army. They used a single seat Henri Farman biplane on a 2½ hour, 145 kilometer flight from Camp de Châlons at Mourmelon to Vincennes. Fequart piloted the aircraft while Marconnet, armed with a hand held camera, squeezed into a narrow space between the seat and the engine. During the flight, photographs were taken of roads, railways, towns and the countryside.

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